We are a small wine shop and wine bar located in Nørrebro in Copenhagen. We opened in the summer of 2018. We hoped to create a space to bring people together to enjoy a thing we all cared about: Natural wine.

Since June 2018, we have worked tirelessly to provide people with the best possible natural wine at fair, honest, and democratic prices. While Pompette is possibly one of the most reasonably priced wine bars/shops in town, it is equally important to us that we have the best product possible.

With our combined experience in natural wine spanning decades, it is of the utmost importance to maintain the highest standard possible of professional acumen combined with our laid back atmosphere and relaxed approach to wine.

We aim to work with people we know and vouch for winemakers who understand the importance of regenerative agriculture. Whether or not it is certified organic or biodynamic, the Pompette team prioritises winemakers who are working with the right philosophy: to give more back to the earth what we get from it and minimise unwanted and unnecessary intervention in both farming and wine-making.

We are always looking for an end-product in harmony - not only with their philosophy but also with their personality: The people behind it. We are proud to represent some of the most lovely and colourful people we have ever met. To truly represent someone we know and that we may call a friend is such an honour, and we hope that you can taste it in the wine.

We pride ourselves in running what we believe is a real natural wine program, and as a result of that, work steadfastly in maintaining it as such. We combine our knowledge and experience, and we taste all the wines we have before considering selling or pouring it. If the wine is not ready or not showing well, we will keep it tucked away. This means that every now and then, certain back-vintages of cuvées will be suddenly released in the shop or here online a few months or even years behind other vendors, but that is the way we work. As the last link in the supply chain from vineyard to consumer, the responsibility falls upon us to represent these beautiful and fragile products rightfully and justly. We owe it to the producers and their amazing products that we get to work on a daily basis. We don't care about the race to be the first to release any cuvées or any of the fluff surrounding it; we only care about the wine and the people behind it.

Following suggestions in the community, we are now trying our hands at this online shop concept, and we are now offering a selection of our products in our online shop. We are pretty new at this, and there may be some minor flaws and some kinks to straighten out along the way, but we are doing our best. Please bear with us and let us know if there is anything we can do to be better at jaisoif@pompette.dk or next time you stop by the bar.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for visiting our online shop. Thank you for supporting us.